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Work breakdown structure updating 50 laptops

The WBS Chart Pro features you have become accustomed to plus much more are now a part of WBS Schedule Pro!

Choose a version that meets your needs: WBS Schedule Pro - This software is complete with all of the features of WBS Chart Pro combined with the features of PERT Chart EXPERT (plus Gantt Charts) to form a more complete project planning tool.

Work breakdown structure is especially useful for bigger projects that involve many elements.To save you time and facilitate the process of creating a work breakdown structure, we’ve compiled several templates that are free to download.With the preformatted structure of a template, you can streamline the decomposition process and ensure that all necessary details are included.A template provides a foundation to work from that can easily be modified to suit the needs of your project.In addition to offering the Microsoft Word and Excel templates below, Smartsheet allows you to create a customized WBS template with enhanced collaboration features for better efficiency and team communication.

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Ensure that each person knows how to use all of the aspects of the software.

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