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She captioned a different image with the hashtag "#My Valentine" while sharing another that showed Zylka, 31, holding her hand and resting his head against hers.Paris Hilton reveals she voted for Donald Trump The duo was also seen arriving together at the Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday, once again holding hands.What doesn't count: a jacket you made in home ec in high school or a photo of you and your husband, even if he is cute. But, you know what — kudos to Cat for having the chutzpah to approach Wintour at the DVF show and ask an interview question.(From experience, I will say that can be pretty intimidating.) In an understandable moment of nervousness, Cat flubs up Wintour's name. In New York, Chantal started feeling flush backstage, which preceded her awkwardly timed vomit session.Hanna Beth’s is on the left side of her chest just below the collarbone while Demi’s is on her wrist.

You know, résumé, portfolio or anything that might somehow document your work and skills.The engagement was called off in March 2015, directly after which Zylka went on a nasty social media rampage accusing and degrading Merjos. Merjos is also known to be friends with Paris Hilton, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Nick Simmons, and Jeffree Star. This "Leftovers" actor appears to be Paris Hilton's new leading man.If you’re looking to start a successful business, Carol Roth is our goto business expert. What can you suggest to these guys to muster the courage to approach women?However, when it comes to style advice, we’re a little partial to model and fashion blogger, Hanna Beth Merjos. HB: You only live once, and you should just go over there and do it.

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In New York, Cat clinched her spot after the photo inspiration challenge.

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