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Tentacle sex chat

#Shokushu-Campus is the online chat room of Shokushu High School.This room is located on the Sorcery network of IRC.While visitors are not expected to maintain character all the time, they ARE expected to respect the rights of others to play within the scenario without disruption and to mark themselves when speaking out of character by (speaking like this). In addition to the main #Shokushu-Campus room, there are two further rooms: #SHS-OOC is intended for visitors to be able to char to each other out of their role playing characters.#ADD is a second roleplaying channel for playing scenes between female ADD agents and the monsters who are both hunter and hunted by them in Spacegirl's universe.But you still have to follow the rules and guidelines.The Campus channel is run as a private finishing school for girls over 18 and mirrors the theme of the SHS web site.She remains naked while they fuck her everywhere and squirts yellow rivers from both her asshole and her pussy, lying on the floor exhausted.

The tentacles continue to crush the opponent until the spell ends or the opponent escapes.

In all my panic, I could not hear the slithering across the dirty floor but even if I had, my fate would have been the same. I could literally feel each vein on the giant cocks as they worked their way inside me and spread themselves out.

At first, I felt a tickling sensation at my ankles and then I felt the same weird sensation on my wrists. Then I heard something fall from above me and some moonlight suddenly appeared above me, giving me some light to see the horror I was in. It felt like they were making baby tentacles inside of me. I began vomiting the stuff back up almost as fast as it was getting poured into me.

Any creature that enters the area of the spell is immediately attacked by the tentacles.

Even creatures who aren’t grappling with the tentacles may move through the area at only half normal speed.

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