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Throughout the series, Nathan's appearances changes: Cannibal Corpse lead singer George Fisher has said in interviews that Nathan is based on him.

Brendon Small has confirmed in an interview to have based Nathan on Fisher as well as Peter Steele from Type O Negative.

“I don’t need weird diets to do my thing.” Who could argue? “I don’t think it’s anything that’ll hurt my career,” Steele says about his very (ahem) physical sex scenes with his onscreen love interest, played by another real-life hoofer, Reed Luplau.

“It just might give me a different sort of fan base.” Furthermore, he’s not the bashful type, because, as he puts it, he can’t be. There are no secrets in a dance company.” But beyond the physicality of is a compelling story of an 18-year-old ballet dancer from Kansas who leaves his family behind in favor of sweat, competition, and a downtown Manhattan affair with another dancer—one that wouldn’t have been conceivable back home.

Nathan Explosion is the frontman, lead vocalist and "lyrical visionary" of Dethklok.

He always speaks in a very deep, grave voice, known as a death growl, even when not singing in public.

(aka The Black Album), the thrash metal pioneers take on a different sound, with lead singer James Hetfield penning a song for his then-girlfriend about the connection they shared even when the singer was on tour.

Meanwhile, Pimentel has been fronting the confrontational indie death-metal group Alekhine's Gun, which has released two EPs and has gigged across the East Coast playing alongside the likes of Kittie and the Ocean, among others. It's not that big of a deal.' But she was crying, and said, ' I am that baby.

He is a tall, imposing figure (Skwisgaar is the only one who overcomes him in terms of height) with long jet black hair, black fingernails, pale skin and green eyes.

When performing on stage, he sometimes wears corpse paint.

Bands that prove that at the end of the day, we’re all human and dare we say, want to be loved.

And though this form of love may be metal-infused, it is nonetheless there.

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“Dancers have a certain amount of comfort that’s a little weird to normal people,” he says. Fortunately, Steele’s transition from the Midwest was less dramatic than that of his character. Steele is part of a new generation of rising Broadway demi-stars obsessed over on theater blogs, not least because he and his partner, fellow thesp Matt Doyle ( for Christmas,” Steele says, referring to the classic children’s book by Roald Dahl that serves as the source material for the show.