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Jabberwocky bought an 1100 reissue recently I don't know if he has fitted it yet but you could try sending him a PM. I can't tell a meaningful sonic difference between them, except the reissue feels a bit less "hot" - I haven't measured with an ohmmeter yet.Even now – four decades on – Billy F Gibbons remembers the first time he heard a De Armond Tremolo Control work its peculiar magic.Starting in the 1950s many companies began incorporating the effect into guitar amplifiers, including the Fender Tremolux and Vibrolux: Leo Fender marked the effect on Fender amplifiers as "vibrato", conversely calling the vibrato arm on his Fender Stratocaster a tremolo arm.

Earliest references to De Armond's tremolo unit date to 1941. Éric You know, I already have nice Eastman archtops so i'm I don't think that a Guild Reissue will fit what i'm looking for..if I have the opportunity to try one, even at Steve's , I'll do it.I have a FHC style pick up on there now, which I love. Havent been in a while but they did have some in stock around Christmas. What is the condition of each in a percentage from new which would be 100%. The S-65 D maybe worth an additional .00 USD for the extra 5% above the 0.00 I cited. A private sale would be the most cost effective sale technique for you through ebay or craigslist.

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It has an integral chrome bezel, six individually adjustable slotted pole-pieces and four slots with a gold infill. Different pickup heights for archtop guitars were achieved by the use of timber bases of different heights, flat on top, to match the pickup base and concave on the bottom, to match the guitar.