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Dating a romanian guy

Europeans value knowledge and culture as much as Americans value money.Our parents push us to have a broad knowledge on world history, different cultures and the arts. We have enough personality to entertain you for a lifetime.In fact, we would rather try and fail (and try again) rather than get help.A Romanian girlfriend is very committed in a relationship.Men or women can ask each other out, and although it is nice to have your parent's approval, it is not necessary in order to date other people in Romania.Opinions vary on what it is like to date Romanian men and women, even amongst people who live there.

Dating rituals in Romania are similar to those in most Western countries.

Our mothers are very independent and lead by example.

We are hard working and know very well we can do it on our own.

Just because her gym honed body, icy cold blue eyes, pale skin and dark hair (this look is common in Romania), have cast a spell on you, does not mean she is a good choice for dating. For your own mental well being, if you are looking for a long term relationship, you need to find a girl that is dedicated to Orthodoxy or is a Christian in some form.

I do not mean going to church on holidays, I mean someone that is walking the walk.

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