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Most valuable sources of information were school, parents, friends and doctors.

Sixty-nine per cent of teens could not find the information that they were looking for, and 62% reported obstacles in getting information.

A survey on adolescent sexuality was designed to determine mainstream Canadian adolescents' current knowledge and sources of sexual health information, to identify their needs, and to understand the perceptions and the role of parents in sexual health education.

Twenty-seven per cent of teens were sexually active at a mean age of 15 years, with an average of 2.5 lifetime partners, and had been in their current relationship for longer than eight months.

Seventy-five per cent of mothers believed that their teenagers' friends were significant role models when it came to sexuality, and 50% mentioned entertainment celebrities at par with them.

But at R1.60 per second, a dirty phone chat session can work out more expensive than the best legal counsel.

Ironically, the best legal advice might just come in handy after your teenager dials the line and you’re slapped with a hefty bill for a teen prank.

Of them, 71 percent want less sex than their partner. “It is not the case that those experiencing a lack of interest are all menopausal women.

In fact, there’s some data that show it’s less a problem for older women than for younger women, who are busy being a parent, working, volunteering in the community, multi-tasking.

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The survey of 2,002 women aged 30 to 80 was commissioned by the Daily Mail in association with Lloyds Pharmacy.